Over the coming months we have some fantastic online workshops and training programmes, designed to support Businesses that are eligible for LEADER funding.

The suite of training available include – Increasing Sales on Shopify, Facebook for Business, Canva for Social Media, Health Check Your Business, Skyrocket Your Sales, How to Plan Your Time & Increase Productivity, and Fundamentally LEAN.

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Health Check Your Business Course

1. Health Check your Business

This training will assist you to Health Check your business and identify areas for improvement to support you in growing your business. Over the 2 sessions we will review current business challenges and what needs attention.

Canva Workshop

2. Canva for Social Media

Stop customers scrolling past your business on social media. Design amazing posts with Canva, a FREE design platform that is easy to use and makes you look professional and approachable online.

Shopify Workshop

3. Increase Sales on Shopify

This webinar will show you what aspects of your ecommerce business you need to focus on and how you can use all the amazing tools Shopify provides to maximum effect. Suitable for existing Shopify store owners.

Plan Your Time and Increase Productivity

4. Plan Your Time, Increase Productivity

This training on planning your time and increasing your productivity recognises that in business, we are pulled in many directions. There never seems to be enough time in the day.

Sales Workshop

5. Skyrocket Your Sales

Increasing sales is one of the key factors in any successful business, therefore it is vital you are continuously striving to improve your sales and meet with current market demands. Learn about buyer behaviour & much more.

Building Resilience for Business Owners

6. Fundamentally LEAN

How small business owners can increase efficiency. What is LEAN Thinking and practice? As a methodology grounded in purpose, people, and process, LEAN is a practical way to create more value with fewer resources.

Facebook for Business

7. Facebook for Business

Learn how to get the most from Facebook Ads by understanding the most important aspects of creatung a successful ad campaign to attract new customers and increase revenue in your business.

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CLDC are providing this training for micro and small businesses that are eligible under the LEADER Rural Development Programme. (RDP). The training is funded under the LEADER programme with no financial cost to you for participation.

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