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Over the coming months we have some fantastic online workshops and training programmes, designed to support Businesses that are eligible for LEADER funding.

The suite of training available include – ‘Effective Marketing Strategies for Business’, ‘Facebook and Instagram for Business‘, ‘Beyond 2021 – Adapting your Business’ along with ‘Building Resilience for Business Owners’ and ‘Understanding Financials for Small Businesses’

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CLDC are providing this training for micro and small businesses that are eligible under the LEADER Rural Development Programme. (RDP). The training is funded under the LEADER programme with no financial cost to you for participation.

Marketing Strategies Course

1. Learn Effective Marketing Strategies for Business

How important is brand for your business?  Discover the secrets behind brand development and how to harness this power to bring more customers to your business.

Rebuilding your business training

2. Beyond 2021 - Adapting Your Business

Over the 6 half-day sessions we will review current business challenges in light the changed landscape of 2021. You will have the opportunity to review your current position, using tools to strategically plan across a number of key areas.

Business Resilience Course

3. Building Resilience for Business Owners

This training is focused on managing stress and building personal resilience for business owners. By the end of the training you will recognise the symptoms and causes of stress, understand what resilience is, & much more.

Create your own ecommerce website

4. Facebook for Business

Learn how to get the most from Facebook Ads by understanding the most important aspects of creatung a successful ad campaign to attract new customers and increase revenue in your business.

Create your own ecommerce website

5. Instagram for Business

This session will focus on a range of areas from shooting & editing short videos via smartphone to utilising apps in generating simple but effective creative content for your business Instagram profile.

6-Understanding Business

6. Understanding Finance for Small Businesses

This training is focused on budgeting, pricing, managing cash flow and profitability in your business. By the end of the training you will know the difference between Cash Flow and Profit and Loss Account, understand breakeven analysis  & much more

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